1653 abbreviations
ADFAustralian Defence Force
ADIAustralian Defence Industries
AEaction express
AEFAllied expeditionary force
AESAActive electronically scanned array
AEVArmoured engineer vehicle
AFAir force
AFA/ARAAerial field artillery/aerial rocket artillery (US, Vietnam war era attack helicopter batteries employing 2.75 in. FFAR)
AFARVArmored, Forward Area, Re-arm Vehicle (US)
AFASadvanced Field Artillery System
AFCAustralian Flying Corps
AFCSautomatic fire-control systems
AFDautomatic feeding device
AFSCair force specialty code
AFSVarmoured fire support vehicle
AFVArmored Family of Vehicles (US)
AFVArmoured fighting vehicle
AGCautomatic gain control
AGFArmy ground forces
AGLabove ground level
AGLautomatic grenade launcher
AGLSautomatic gun laying system
AGSarmored gun system (US)
AGVassault gun vehicle
AGVTAdvanced Ground Vehicle Technology
AhAmpere hour
AHCAttack Helicopter Company (USA)
AICSAccuracy International Chassis System
AICWAdvanced Individual Combat Weapon
AIFAustralian Imperial Force (Australia, WWI)
AIFSAdvanced Indirect Fire System
AIFVArmoured infantry fighting vehicle
AIPSAdvanced Integrated Propulsion System (US)
ALAAVSAdvanced Light Armored/Amphibious Vehicle System (US)
ALCAdvanced Land Combat (US)
ALICEAll-purpose lightweight individual carrying equipment
ALSAdvanced laying system
ALSVArmoured logistics support vehicle
ALTArmoured launching turret
AMCUnited States Army Materiel Command
AMCAdvanced Mortar Carrier (Turkey)
AMCCOMArmament Munitions and Chemical Command
AMDSAnti-Missile Discarding Sabot
AMFAmphibische Mehrzweck-Fahrzeuge (multipurpose amphibious vehicle)
AMLAutomitrailleuse Légère (light armoured car)
AMOSAdvanced mortar system
AMRAnti-materiel rifle
AMRAutomitrailleuse de Reconnaissance
AMRWSAdvanced multi-role weapon station
AMSArmoured mortar system