1653 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AMS-H [Heavy] Advanced Missile System
AMX Atelier de Construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux
ANAD Anniston Army Depot
ANZAC Australia and New Zealand Army Corps
ANZUS Australia New Zealand United States Treaty
AO Area of operations
AOI Arab Organisation for Industrialisation
AOS Add-on stabilisation
AP Anti-personnel
AP Armour-piercing
APAM Anti-personnel, anti-matériel
APBC Armour-piercing ballistic cap
APC Armoured personnel carrier
APC Armour-piercing capped
APCBC Armour-piercing capped ballistic cap
APCNR Armour-piercing composite non-rigid
APCR Armour-piercing composite rigid
APCRBC Armour-piercing composite rigid ballistic cap
APC-T [tracer] Armour-piercing capped
APCT-BF [base fuze] Armour-piercing capped tracer
APDS Armour-piercing discarding sabot
APDS-T Armour-piercing discarding sabot - tracer
APE Amphibisches Pionier-Erkundungsfahrzeug (amphibious front-line reconnaissance vehicle)
APEP Armour-Piercing Enhancement Programme
APERS Anti-personnel
APERS-T Anti-personnel tracer
APFIDS Armour-piercing fragmentation incendiary discarding sabot
APFSDS(P) Armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot (practice)
APFSDSDU Armour piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot, depleted uranium
APFSDS-T Armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot - tracer
APG Aberdeen Proving Grounds
APGM Autonomous precision-guided munition
APHC Armour-piercing hard core
APHE Armour-piercing high explosive
API Armour-piercing incendiary
APIT Armour-piercing incendiary tracer
APM Anti-personnel mine
APS Advanced propulsion system
APS Artillery pointing system
APSA Armour piercing secondary effect
APSE Armour-piercing secondary effect
APSE-T [tracer] Armour-piercing secondary effect
APT Armour-piercing tracer
APTE Abrams Power Train Evolution (US)
APU Auxiliary power unit
APV Armoured patrol vehicle
AR Assault rifle
AR/AAV Armored Reconnaissance/Airborne Assault Vehicle (US)
ARD Anti-reflective device
ARDEC Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center