1653 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
VIDS Vehicle Integrated Defence System
VINACS Vehicle Integrated Navigation and Command System
VIRSS Visual and InfraRed Smoke Screening System
VITS Video Image Tracking Systems
VLAP Velocity-enhanced Long-range Artillery Projectile
VLC Véhicule Léger de Combat (light armoured car)
VLI Visible Light Illuminator
VLSMS Vehicle-Launched Scatterable Mine System
VMA Marine Light Attack Squadron
VMA(AW) Marine All-Weather Attack Squadron
VMAQ Marine Electronic Warfare Attack Squadron
VMBT Vickers Main Battle Tank
VMF Marine Fighter Squadron
VMFA Marine Fighter Attack Squadron
VMFA(AW) Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron
VMFP Marine Aerial Reconnaissance Squadron
VMGR Marine Aerial Refueler/Transport Squadron
VMR Marine Transport Squadron
VMS Vehicle Motion Sensor
VNAS Vehicle Navigation Air System
VRL Véhicule Reconnaissance Léger (light reconnaissance vehicle)
VSEL Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd
VT variable time (fuse)
VTOL Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft
VTP véhicule transport de personnel (personnel carrier)
VTT véhicule transport de troupe (troop transporter)
VVSS vertical volute spring suspension
VXB Véhicule Blindé à Vocations Multiples (multipurpose armoured car)
WAAC Women's Auxiliary Army Corps and individual members of; obsolete
WAC Women's Army Corps and individual members of; obsolete
WAF Women (in the) Air Force and individual members of; obsolete
WAM Wide Area Mines (US)
WAMI Wide Area Motion Imagery (US)
WAPC Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier (Canada)
WASAD Wide Angle Surveillance and Automatic Detection Device
WAV Wide Angle Viewing
WAVES Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service (USN); obsolete
WES Wing Engineer Squadron (USMC)
WFOV Wide Field Of View
WFSV Wheeled Fire Support Vehicle (Canada)
WHA Weapons Head Assembly
WHSA Weapons Head Support Assembly
WLR Weapon Locating Radar
WM Woman/Women Marine(s)
WMD Weapon(s) of Mass Destruction
WMRV Wheeled Maintenance and Recovery Vehicle (Canada)
WP white phosphorus
WP-T white phosphorus - tracer
WSM Winchester Short Magnum
WTS Wing Transportation Squadron (USMC)