1653 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AVH Armoured Vehicle Heavy
AVL Armoured Vehicle Light
AVLB Armoured vehicle-launched bridge
AVM Armoured Vehicle Medium
AVR Armoured vehicle reconnaissance
AVRE Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers (UK)
AVT Advanced Vehicle Technologies (US)
AWE Advanced Warfighting Experiment
AWOL Absent without official leave
BAe British Aerospace
BAR M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle
BARV Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle
BASE British Aerospace Systems and Equipment
BAT Biometrics Automated Toolset
BATES Battlefield Artillery Target Engagement System
BB Base bleed
BBSP Blowback shifted pulse
BC Battery commander
BCC battery control centre
BCP Battery command post
BCT Brigade combat team (US)
BCT Basic combat training
BCV Battle command vehicle
BD base detonating
BDA Browning double action or bomb damage assessment
BDM Bunker demolition munition
BDU Battle dress uniform
BE Base ejection
BFA Blank-firing adaptor or blank-firing attachment
BFV Bradley Fighting Vehicle
BGT Brigade combat team
bhp Brake horsepower
BIFF Battlefield identification friend or foe
BILL Bofors, infantry, light and lethal
BITE Built-in test equipment
BL Blank
BLITS Beta lighted infantry telescope system
BLR Blindado Ligero de Ruedas
BL-T Black tracer
BLT Battalion landing team
BMF Belgian Mechanical Fabrication
BMNT Begin morning nautical twilight
BMP Pronounced "bimp". A Former Warsaw Pact IFV
BMR Blindado Medio de Ruedas
BMS Battalion mortar system
BMS Battlefield management system
BNCC (USAF) Base network control center
BNS Bill night sight
BOCV Battery operations centre vehicle
BOG-Dwell Boots on the ground – dwell (down time)