1653 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
BOL Bearing-only launch
BOLTS Bolt-on loading tray system
BOSS Ballistic optimizing shooting system
BPS Battery power source
BSP Bright source protection
BSSG Brigade service support group
BST Basic skills trainer
BT Boat tail
BT Bullet trap
BTA Best technical approach
BTU Bullet trap universal
BUA BILL under armour or built-up area
BW Bacteriological warfare
BX Bionix AFV
C/E Crew/enlisted (enlisted aircrew member)
C3I Command, control, communications, and intelligence
CAB Combat aviation battalion
CAD Computer-assisted design
CAG Commander of the Air Group
CAL Canadian Arsenals Limited
CAP Civil air patrol (USAF civilian auxiliary)
CAP Combat air patrol
CAP Combustible augmented plasma
CARRV Challenger armoured repair and recovery vehicle
CAS Close air support
CASEVAC Casualty evacuation
CAT/FCS Command adjusted trajectory/fire-control system (US)
CAT/LCV Combined arms team/lightweight combat vehicle (US)
CATT Combined arms tactical trainer (UK)
CATT-B Component Advanced Technology TestBed (US)
CAV Composite armored vehicle (US)
CAWS Cannon Artillery Weapons Systems (US)
CAX Combined arms exercise
CBR Chemical, biological, radiological
CBRN Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear
CCC Combustible cartridge case
CCD Charge-coupled device
CCO Close combat optic
CCP Computer control panel
CCR Crown copyright reserved
CCTV Closed-circuit television
CCU Central control unit
CCV Close combat vehicle
CCV Command and control vehicle (US)
CCV-L Close combat vehicle - light
cd candela
CDA Combat defensive action
CDM Coastal defence missile
CDU Command display unit
CDU Computer display unit