1653 abbreviations
CEChemical energy
CECOMCommunications-electronics command
CEFOCombat equipment fighting order (webbing contents)
CENTCOMCentral command
CENTOCentral Treaty Organisation or Baghdad Pact
CEOICommunications electronics operating instruction
CEPCircular error of probability
CEPPControlled effect police projectile
CETCombat engineer tractor
CEUComputer electronics unit
CEVCombat engineer vehicle
CFCanadian Forces
CFControlled fragmentation
CFEConventional forces Europe
CFVCavalry fighting vehicle (US)
CGCommanding general
CGSCrew gunnery simulator
CHACast homogeneous armour
CHARMChallenger chieftain armament
CHIPChallenger improvement programme
CIFVComposite infantry fighting vehicle
CILASCompagnie Industrielle des Lasers
CISChartered Industries of Singapore
CISCommonwealth of Independent States
CITVCommander's independent thermal viewer (US)
CIWSClose-in weapons system
CLAMSClear lane marking system (US)
CLASSComputerised Laser Sight System
CLAWSClose combat light armor weapon system (US)
CLGPCannon-launched guided projectile (US)
CLOSCommand to line of sight
CLUCommand launch unit
CMColour-marking or "continue mission"
CMSCommon missile system
CMSCompact modular sight
CMTCadmium - mercury telluride
CMVCombat mobility vehicle (US)
CNVDClip-on night vision device
COCommanding officer
COBClose of business
CofSChief of staff
COGCourse over ground
CompB Composition B
COMVATCombat vehicles armament technology (US)
COMZCommunications zone
COPCombat out post
COSChief of section
COSCOMCorps support command (US Army)
COTACConduite de Tir Automatique pour Char (tank automatic fire)