1653 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
COV Counter obstacle vehicle (US)
CP Concrete-piercing
CPR Common practice round
CPS Cardinal points specification (UK)
CPV Command post vehicle
CQB Close quarters battle
CQBW Close-quarters battle weapon
CR Capability requirement
CRISAT Collaborative research into small arms technology
CRM Composite risk management (US)
CROWS Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station
CRR Carro de Reconhecimento Sobre Rodas (reconnaissance tracking scout car)
CRU Cable reel unit
CS Communications subsystem
CS Confined space
CS (USAF) Communications squadron
CSB Combat support boat
CSF Combined service forces
CSI computer-synthesised image
CSS Computer sighting system
CSSD Combat service support detachment
CTA Case telescoped ammunition
CTD Concept technology demonstrator
CTI Central tyre inflation
CTIS Central tyre inflation system
CTO Central Treaty Organisation or Baghdad Pact
CTR Close Target Recce
CTRA Carro de Transporte Sobre Rodas Anfibo (amphibious tracking scout car)
CTT Challenger training tank
CV90 Combat Vehicle 90
CVAST Combat vehicle armament system technology (US)
CVR(T) Combat vehicle reconnaissance (tracked) (UK)
CVR(W) Combat vehicle reconnaissance (wheeled) (UK)
CVRDE Combat vehicle research and development establishment (India)
CVT Controlled variable time
CVTTS Combat vehicle targeting system
CW Chemical warfare
CWR Continuous wave radar
CWS Cupola weapon station
DA double action
DAHA dual-axis head assembly
DAO double action only
DARCOM US Army Matériel Development and Readiness Command
DAREOD damaged airfield reconnaissance explosive ordnance disposal
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (US)
DAS deep air support
DAS defensive aid system/suite
DASP demountable artillery surveillance pod
DBMS dead bodies make sense
DC direct current