1653 abbreviations
COVCounter obstacle vehicle (US)
CPRCommon practice round
CPSCardinal points specification (UK)
CPVCommand post vehicle
CQBClose quarters battle
CQBWClose-quarters battle weapon
CRCapability requirement
CRISATCollaborative research into small arms technology
CRMComposite risk management (US)
CROWSCommon Remotely Operated Weapon Station
CRRCarro de Reconhecimento Sobre Rodas (reconnaissance tracking scout car)
CRUCable reel unit
CSCommunications subsystem
CSConfined space
CS (USAF)Communications squadron
CSBCombat support boat
CSFCombined service forces
CSIcomputer-synthesised image
CSSComputer sighting system
CSSDCombat service support detachment
CTACase telescoped ammunition
CTDConcept technology demonstrator
CTICentral tyre inflation
CTISCentral tyre inflation system
CTOCentral Treaty Organisation or Baghdad Pact
CTRClose Target Recce
CTRACarro de Transporte Sobre Rodas Anfibo (amphibious tracking scout car)
CTTChallenger training tank
CV90Combat Vehicle 90
CVASTCombat vehicle armament system technology (US)
CVR(T)Combat vehicle reconnaissance (tracked) (UK)
CVR(W)Combat vehicle reconnaissance (wheeled) (UK)
CVRDECombat vehicle research and development establishment (India)
CVTControlled variable time
CVTTSCombat vehicle targeting system
CWChemical warfare
CWRContinuous wave radar
CWSCupola weapon station
DAdouble action
DAHAdual-axis head assembly
DAOdouble action only
DARCOMUS Army Matériel Development and Readiness Command
DAREODdamaged airfield reconnaissance explosive ordnance disposal
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency (US)
DASdeep air support
DASdefensive aid system/suite
DASPdemountable artillery surveillance pod
DBMSdead bodies make sense
DCdirect current