396 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
CS Culinary Specialist
CSC Command Senior Chief
CSC Combat Systems Coordinator
CSC [7)] Culinary Specialist Chief (E
CSEC Computerized Self Evaluation Checklist
CSOOW Combat Systems Officer of the Watch
CT Cryptologic Technician
CTI Cryptologic Technician Interpretive
CTM Cryptologic Technician Maintenance
CTN Cryptologic Technician Networks
CTR Cryptologic Technician Collection
CTT Cryptologic Technician Technical
CVN Nuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier (Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear), i.e. CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln
CVW Carrier Air Wing
CWO Chief Warrant Officer
DAPA Drug and Alcohol Programs Advisor
DC Damage Controlman
DCA Damage Control Assistant
DCAG Deputy Air Wing Commander (see CAG)
DCC Damage Control Central
DCO Damage Control Officer (Chief Engineer)or Direct Commission Officer
DCPO Damage Control Petty Officer
DD Destroyer
DDG Guided Missile Destroyer
DDR Radar Picket Destroyer
DE Destroyer Escort
DESDIV DEStroyer DIVision
DESRON DEStroyer squadRON
DEVGRU Naval Special Warfare DEVelopment GRoUp, formerly (and informally still) SEAL Team SIX
DFM Diesel Fuel Marine (F-76), standard Navy bunker fuel
DIRNSA DIRector of the National Security Agency
DL Destroyer Leader
DLG Guided Missile Destroyer Leader
DLGN Nuclear-powered Guided Missile Destroyer Leader
DM Destroyer Minelayer
DMHRSi Defense Medical Human Resources System – internet
DoD Department Of Defense
DON Department Of the Navy
DRB Discipline Review Board
EAOS End of Active Obligated Service
EAWS Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist
ECRC Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center
EDMC Engineering Department Master Chief (Submarines)
EDO Engineering Duty Officer
EEBD Emergency Escape Breathing Device
EIDWS Enlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist
EM Electrician's Mate
EM Emergency Management
EMI Extra Military Instruction
EN Engineman