396 abbreviations
CSCulinary Specialist
CSCCommand Senior Chief
CSCCombat Systems Coordinator
CSC[7)]Culinary Specialist Chief (E
CSECComputerized Self Evaluation Checklist
CSOOWCombat Systems Officer of the Watch
CTCryptologic Technician
CTICryptologic Technician Interpretive
CTMCryptologic Technician Maintenance
CTNCryptologic Technician Networks
CTRCryptologic Technician Collection
CTTCryptologic Technician Technical
CVNNuclear-powered Aircraft Carrier (Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear), i.e. CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln
CVWCarrier Air Wing
CWOChief Warrant Officer
DAPADrug and Alcohol Programs Advisor
DCDamage Controlman
DCADamage Control Assistant
DCAGDeputy Air Wing Commander (see CAG)
DCCDamage Control Central
DCODamage Control Officer (Chief Engineer)or Direct Commission Officer
DCPODamage Control Petty Officer
DDGGuided Missile Destroyer
DDRRadar Picket Destroyer
DEDestroyer Escort
DESDIVDEStroyer DIVision
DESRONDEStroyer squadRON
DEVGRUNaval Special Warfare DEVelopment GRoUp, formerly (and informally still) SEAL Team SIX
DFMDiesel Fuel Marine (F-76), standard Navy bunker fuel
DIRNSADIRector of the National Security Agency
DLDestroyer Leader
DLGGuided Missile Destroyer Leader
DLGNNuclear-powered Guided Missile Destroyer Leader
DMDestroyer Minelayer
DMHRSiDefense Medical Human Resources System – internet
DoDDepartment Of Defense
DONDepartment Of the Navy
DRBDiscipline Review Board
EAOSEnd of Active Obligated Service
EAWSEnlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist
ECRCExpeditionary Combat Readiness Center
EDMCEngineering Department Master Chief (Submarines)
EDOEngineering Duty Officer
EEBDEmergency Escape Breathing Device
EIDWSEnlisted Information Dominance Warfare Specialist
EMElectrician's Mate
EMEmergency Management
EMIExtra Military Instruction