396 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ENS Ensign
EO Equipment Operator
EOOW Engineering Officer of the Watch
EOS Enclosed Operating Space
EOSS Engineering Operational Sequencing Systems
ERS Engineroom Supervisor
ESWS Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist
ET Electronics Technician
EWS Engineering Watch Supervisor
EXW Expeditionary Warfare
F/MC Fleet (or Force) Master Chief
FA Fireman Apprentice
FAC/A Forward Air Controller/Airborne
FC Fire Controlman
FCDSSA Fleet Combat Direction Systems Support Activity
FCF Functional Check Flight
FCPCP Fleet Computer Programming Center of the Pacific
FCPOM First Class Petty Officer's Mess
FDO Flight Deck Officer
FMSS Field Medical Service School
FN Fireman
FOD Foreign Object Damage (Debris and Detection also used in some cases)
FR Fireman Recruit
FRC Fleet Readiness Center
FRS Fleet Replacement Squadron (Formerly RAG)
FSA Food Service Attendant
FSO Food Service Officer
FTN Forget the Navy (Polite Form)
FTN Full-time Navy (Humorous Form)
GCCS-M Global Command and Control System-Maritime
GM Gunner's Mate
GQ General Quarters (Call to battle stations)
GSA Global War on Terrorism Support Assignments also General Services Administration
GSM Gas turbin mechainc
HA Hospital Apprentice
HELO Helicopter
HM Hospital Corpsman
HMFIC Head M F In Charge (See SOPA Below)
HN Hospitalman
HR Hospital Recruit
HS Helicopter Squadron (HS-4 Black Knights)
HT Hull Maintenance Technician
IAMM Individual Augmentation Manpower Management
IAP In Assignment Processing
IAW "in accordance with"
IC Interior Communications Electrician
ICO "in case of" "in care of"
IMF Intermediate Maintenance Facility
IMRL Individual Material Readiness List
IP Irish Pennant - A loose thread of a Naval or Marine uniform.