396 abbreviations
EOEquipment Operator
EOOWEngineering Officer of the Watch
EOSEnclosed Operating Space
EOSSEngineering Operational Sequencing Systems
ERSEngineroom Supervisor
ESWSEnlisted Surface Warfare Specialist
ETElectronics Technician
EWSEngineering Watch Supervisor
EXWExpeditionary Warfare
F/MCFleet (or Force) Master Chief
FAFireman Apprentice
FAC/AForward Air Controller/Airborne
FCFire Controlman
FCDSSAFleet Combat Direction Systems Support Activity
FCFFunctional Check Flight
FCPCPFleet Computer Programming Center of the Pacific
FCPOMFirst Class Petty Officer's Mess
FDOFlight Deck Officer
FMSSField Medical Service School
FODForeign Object Damage (Debris and Detection also used in some cases)
FRFireman Recruit
FRCFleet Readiness Center
FRSFleet Replacement Squadron (Formerly RAG)
FSAFood Service Attendant
FSOFood Service Officer
FTNForget the Navy (Polite Form)
FTNFull-time Navy (Humorous Form)
GCCS-MGlobal Command and Control System-Maritime
GMGunner's Mate
GQGeneral Quarters (Call to battle stations)
GSAGlobal War on Terrorism Support Assignments also General Services Administration
GSMGas turbin mechainc
HAHospital Apprentice
HMHospital Corpsman
HMFICHead M F In Charge (See SOPA Below)
HRHospital Recruit
HSHelicopter Squadron (HS-4 Black Knights)
HTHull Maintenance Technician
IAMMIndividual Augmentation Manpower Management
IAPIn Assignment Processing
IAW"in accordance with"
ICInterior Communications Electrician
ICO"in case of" "in care of"
IMFIntermediate Maintenance Facility
IMRLIndividual Material Readiness List
IPIrish Pennant - A loose thread of a Naval or Marine uniform.