8966 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AAOM Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
AAP Abortion Access Project
AAP Adopt A Pet
AAPA American Association of Port Authorities
AAPA Australian Aborigines Progressive Association
AAPL Association of Partners for Public Lands
AAPP American Association Of Patients And Providers
AAPP Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma)
AAPS Association of Alternate Postal Systems
AAPS Australasian Association of Paediatric Surgeons
AAPSO Asian African Peoples Solidarity Organization
AAR Alliance for Aging Research
AARC Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies
AARC Alzheimer's And Aging Research Center
AARC America's Addiction Recovery Centers
AARC American Association for Respiratory Care
AARC Animal Adoption And Rescue Center
AARC Assassination Archives and Research Center
AARDA American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association
AARDAI American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc.
AARI Asthma And Allergy Research Institute
AARS All America Rose Selection
AAS American Academy of Sciences
AAS American Archaeological Society
AAS American Association of Suicidology
AAS Arnold Air Society
AASD Actors Alliance Of San Diego
AASF African American Success Foundation
AASF Asian American Scholarship Foundation
AASG African American Strategy Group
AASG American Anti Slavery Group
AASG Anti Apartheid Support Group
AASG Arizona Ataxia Support Group
AASG Association of American State Geologists
AASHF African American Self- Help Foundation
AASI Automotive Association Of Southern India
AASL American Association Of School Librarians
AASLD American Association for the Study of Liver Disease
AASLH American Association for State and Local History
AASP American Association for Single People
AASP Asian Association of Social Psychology
AAU Amateur Athletic Union
AAU Amateur Athletic Union of the United States
AAUC African American Unity Caucus
AAUC African American Unity Centers
AAUC/N African American Unity Centers/ National
AAUWEF American Association of University Women Education Fund
AAUWLAF American Association of University Women Legal Advocacy Fund
AAVA Australasian Association Of Volunteer Administrators
AAVC Asian American Voters Coalition