1563 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
WORKO Workover
WOS West of Shetland, oil province on the UKCS
WOW Wait(ing) On Weather
WP Well Proposal or Working Pressure
WPC Water Pollution Control
WPLAN Well Course Plan
WPQ/S Weld Procedure Qualification/Specification
WPR Well Prognosis Report
WQ A textural parameter used for CBVWE computations (Halliburton)
WQCA Water Quality Control Act
WQCB Water Quality Control Board
WR Wireline Retrievable (as in a WR Plug)
WR Wet Resistivity
WRS Well Report Sepia
WRSCSSV Wireline Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub-Surface Valve
WSCL Well Site Core Log
WSE Well Seismic Edit
WSERE Well Seismic Edit Report
WSHT Well Shoot
WSL Well Site Log
WSO Water Shut Off
WSOG Well Specific Operation Guidelines
WSP Well Seismic Profile
WSR Well Shoot Report
WSS Well Services Supervisor (leader of Well services at the wellsite)
WSS Working Spread Sheet (for logging)
WSSAM Well Site Sample
WSSOF WSS Offset Profile
WSSUR Well Seismic Survey Plot
WST Well Seismic Tool (checkshot)
WSTL Well Site Test Log
WSU Well Service Unit
wt wall thickness
WT Well Test
WTI West Texas Intermediate benchmark crude
WUT Water Up To
WVS Well Velocity Survey
XC Cross-connection, cross correlation
XL or EXL, Exploration Licence (United Kingdom), a type of onshore licence issued between the First Onshore Licensing Round (1986) and the Sixth (1992)
Xln Crystalline (minerals)
XLPE Cross-linked Polyethylene
XMAC Cross-Multipole Array Acoustic log
XMAC-E XMAC Elite (Next generation of XMAC)
XMRI Extended Range Micro Imager (Halliburton)
XMT/XT/HXT XMas Tree (Christmas Tree, the valve assembly on a production well-head)
XO Cross-Over
XOM Exxon Mobil
XOV Cross-Over Valve