1563 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
CM choke module
CMP common midpoint (geophysics)
CMR Combinable Magnetic Resonance (NMR log tool) Combinable Magnetic Resonance (NMR log tool)
CNCF field-normalised compensated neutron porosity
CND compensated neutron density
CNFDP CNFD true vertical-depth playback log
CNGR compensated neutron gamma-ray log
CNL compensated neutron log
CNS Central North Sea
CO change out (ex. from rod equipment to casing equipment)
COA Conditions of Approval
COC Certificate of Conformance
COD Chemical Oxygen Demand
COL collar log
COMAN compositional analysis
COML compaction log
COMP composite log
COMPR completion program report
COMPU computest report
COMRE completion record log
CONDE condensate analysis report
CONDR continuous directional log
CORAN core analysis report
CORE core report
CORG corgun log
CORIB coriband log
CORLG correlation log
COROR core orientation report
COXY carbon/oxygen log
CP Cathodic Protection
CPI CPI log (computer-processed interpretation)
CPICB CPI coriband log
CPIRE CPI report
CPI separator corrugated plate interceptor
CRA corrosion-resistant alloy
CRET cement retainer setting log
CRP control riser platform
CRP common/central reference point (subsea survey)
CRT Clamp Replacement tool
CRT Casing Running Tool
CsF Caesium formate (coincidentally also an acronym of the sole large-scale supplier of caesium formate brine, cabot specialty fluids.)
CSG Coal Seam Gas
csg casing
CSHN cased-hole neutron log
CSI Combinable Seismic Imager (VSP) log (Schlumberger)
CSMT core sampler tester log
CSO complete seal-off
CSPG Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility