1563 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
CST Chronological Sample Taker log (Schlumberger)
CSTAK core sample taken log
CSTRE CST report
CSUG Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas
CT coiled tubing
CTCO coiled tubing clean-out
CTD coiled tubing drilling
CTLF coil tubing lift frame
CTLF compensated tension lift frame
CTOD crack tip opening displacement
CTRAC cement tracer log
CUT cutter log
CUTTD cuttings description report
CWOP complete well on paper
CWOR completion work over riser
CYBD cyberbond log
CYBLK cyberlook log
CYDIP cyberdip log
CYDN cyberdon log
CYPRO cyberproducts log
D Development
D&C drilling and completions
D&I direction and inclinitation (MWD borehole deviation survey)
DAC dipole acoustic log
DARCI Darci log
DAT wellhead housing drill-ahead tool
DAZD dip and azimuth display
DBB double block and bleed
DC drill centre
DC drill collar(s)
DCAL dual caliper log
DCS Distributed Control System
DD directional driller or directional drilling
DDBHC DDBHC waveform log
DDET depth determination log
DDM Derrick drilling machine (a.k.a. top drive)
DDNL dual det. neutron life log
DDPT drill data plot log
DECC Department for Energy and Climate Change (UK)
DECT decay time
DEFSU definitive survey report
DELTA delta-T log
DEN density log
DEPAN deposit analysis report
DEPC depth control log
DESFL deep induction SFL log
DEV development well, Lahee classification
DEVLG deviation log
DEXP D-exponent log
DF Derrick floor