176 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
MPEG Motion Pictures Experts Group
MPL Mozilla Public License
MS Microsoft
MUI Multilingual User Interface
MyGIF Malaysian Government Interoperability Framework
NCSA National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NFS Network File System
OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
ODP OpenDocument Presentation
ODS OpenDocument Spreadsheet
ODT OpenDocument Text
OOo OpenOffice.org
OpenI18N Open Internationalization
ORG Organization
OS Operating System
OSDL Open Source Development Labs
OSI Open Source Initiative
OSOSS Open Standards and Open Source Software
PAG Patent Advisory Group
PAS Publicly Available Specification
PC Personal Computer
PCL Printer Control Language
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDF Portable Document Format
PIKOM Association of the Computer and Multimedia Industry of Malaysia
PNG Portable Network Graphics
POSIX Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX
PPC Power Personal Computer
PPT PowerPoint
RAND Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory
RF Royalty-Free
RFC Request for Comments
RIFF Resource Interchange File Format
RPM Red Hat Package Manager
RTF Rich Text Format
SDO Standard Development Organization
SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language
SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol
SQL Structured Query Language
SSL Secure Sockets Layer
SSO Standard-Setting Organization
STD Standard
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics
SVID System V Interface Definition
SXC StarOffice Calc
SXI StarOffice Impression
SXW StarOffice Writer
TCP Transmission Control Protocol