231 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
IRMA Intra-retinal microvascular abnormality
ISNT [rule used to assess optic disc appearance] Inferior, Superior, Nasal, Temporal
K Keratometry
KCS Keratoconjunctivitis sicca
KP Keratic precipitates
L/R L hyperphoria
L/R FD L/R fixation disparity
LASEK Laser epithelial keratomileusis
LASIK Laser in-situ keratomileusis
LE Left eye
Left ET Left esotropia
LHyperT or LHT Left hypertropia
LHypoT Left hypotropia
LO Lenticular opacity
LTG Low-tension glaucoma
LVA Low vision aid
MDU Mallett distance unit
Meds Medications
MI Myocardial infarction
MNU Mallett near unit
MR Maddox rod
M.Wing Maddox wing
MWT Maximum wearing time
NB: NAD [(is frequently used but is not recommended)] No abnormality detected
NCT Non-contact tonometer
ND Neutral density filter
NIDDM Non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
NLP No light perception
Nocte At night
NPC Near point of convergence or no previous correction
NRC Normal retinal correspondence
NRR Neuro-retinal rim
NS Nuclear sclerosis
NTG Normal tension glaucoma
NV Near vision
NWT Normal wearing time
OC's Optical centres
Occ. Occupation
Occ Ointment
OD oculus dexter (right eye)
od Once a day
OH Ocular history
OMB Oculo motor balance
ONH Optic nerve head
Oph Ophthalmoscopy
OS oculus sinister (left eye)
OS/OD Overall size/overall diameter
o symptoms Zero symptoms
otc Over the counter (bought medication)
OU Both eyes