5897 abbreviations
XWIXtensa to AHB Wrapper Interface
XWMX- Windows Manager
XWSX- Windows Server
XWTXML Windowing Toolkit
XXEXML External Entities
XXEXMLmind XML Editor
XZXSinclair ZX UN*X emulator
YAABYet Another Address Book
YAFEYet Another Fractal Explorer
YAFIYGIYou Asked For It, You Got It
YAGEYet Another Gameboy Emulator
YAGNIYet Another GNUs Not IRIX
YALEYet Another LISP Extension
YAMYet Another Mailer
YAPYet Another Previewer
YAPYet Another Prolog
YAPSYet Another Pager Software
YAPSYet Another Password Safe
YAPSYet Another Port Scanner
YARYet Another Revision
YARCYet Another Raw Converter
YARDYet Another Rescue Disc
YARPPYet Another Related Posts Plugin
YASYAV App Shell
YASTYet Another Setup Tool
YASTYet Another Sizing Tool
YATBYet Another Tool Bar
YAWNYet Another Windows Netstat
YAWPYet Another Wonderful Protocol
YAYYet Another YACC ( Yet Another Compiler Compiler)
YAZYet Another Z
YCXYield Curve analytics system
YDLYellow Dog Linux
YDUYellow Dog Updates
YESYamaha Education Suite
YESYour External Support
YMYahoo Messenger
YNNIYou'll Never Need It
YOUTHYour Organization Of Utilities To Help
YQWEWhy Quit Worrying about Everything
YUIYahoo User Interface
YUMYellowdog Updater Modifier
z/OSzSeries 900 Operating System
ZAMZENworks Asset Management
ZARTZero Assumption Recovery Toolkit
ZBZero Bugs
ZBAZigBee Alliance
ZBDBZigBee Demo Board