5897 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
XWI Xtensa to AHB Wrapper Interface
XWM X- Windows Manager
XWS X- Windows Server
XWT XML Windowing Toolkit
XXE XML External Entities
XXE XMLmind XML Editor
XZX Sinclair ZX UN*X emulator
YAAB Yet Another Address Book
YAFE Yet Another Fractal Explorer
YAFIYGI You Asked For It, You Got It
YAGE Yet Another Gameboy Emulator
YAGNI Yet Another GNUs Not IRIX
YALE Yet Another LISP Extension
YAM Yet Another Mailer
YAP Yet Another Previewer
YAP Yet Another Prolog
YAPS Yet Another Pager Software
YAPS Yet Another Password Safe
YAPS Yet Another Port Scanner
YAR Yet Another Revision
YARC Yet Another Raw Converter
YARD Yet Another Rescue Disc
YARPP Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
YAS YAV App Shell
YAST Yet Another Setup Tool
YAST Yet Another Sizing Tool
YATB Yet Another Tool Bar
YAWN Yet Another Windows Netstat
YAWP Yet Another Wonderful Protocol
YAY Yet Another YACC ( Yet Another Compiler Compiler)
YAZ Yet Another Z
YCX Yield Curve analytics system
YDL Yellow Dog Linux
YDU Yellow Dog Updates
YES Yamaha Education Suite
YES Your External Support
YM Yahoo Messenger
YNNI You'll Never Need It
YOUTH Your Organization Of Utilities To Help
YQWE Why Quit Worrying about Everything
YUI Yahoo User Interface
YUM Yellowdog Updater Modifier
Z Zivilversion
z/OS zSeries 900 Operating System
ZAM ZENworks Asset Management
ZART Zero Assumption Recovery Toolkit
ZB Zero Bugs
ZBA ZigBee Alliance
ZBDB ZigBee Demo Board