5897 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ACASA Adult Clinic Assessment Software Application
ACAT Aironet Configuration Administration Tool
ACATS Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite
ACC Aspect Component Configuration
ACCU Association of C/C++ Users
ACD Automated Configuration Documentation
ACE Active Content Engine
ACE Adobe Color Engine
ACE Anti Chop Eye
ACE Application Connection Extension
ACE Applications, Connections, and Extensions
ACE Automated Chatting Engine
ACES Autodesk Comprehensive Education Solution
ACG The Access Control Group
ACGI Application Common Gateway Interface
ACGI Asynchronous Common Gateway Interface
ACGM Adaptive Color Gamut Mapping
ACI Automatic Calibration Interface
ACID Abstract Consciousness In Development
ACID Analysis Control For Intrusion Detection
ACID Atomic Consistent Isolated And Durable
ACL Agent Communication Library
ACM Airimba Connection Manager
ACM Alternate Control Module
ACM Application Compatibility Module
ACMI Advanced Case Management Interface
ACMP Aagon Client Management Platform
ACMS Active Content Management System
ACO Artificial Cover Object
ACP Application Control Parameter
ACRD Advanced Concept Restoration Device
ACRM Alternative Csound Reference Manual
ACRP Automated Contact Resistance Probe
ACS Action Code Script
ACS Adventure Creation System
ACS Alma Common Software
ACS Always Changing Something
ACS Application Contents Service
ACS ArsDigita Community System
ACS Assert Collaborative Site
ACS Autonomous Cooperative System
ACSE Adoption Centric Software Engineering
ACSE Association Control Service Element
ACT Application Control Table
ACT Artemis Comparison Tool
ACTS Alternative Computer Training Suite
ACU Array Configuration Utility
ACVC Ada Compiler Validation Capability
ACVT Archive Converter
ACWG Abstract Complex Workflow Generator