5897 abbreviations
ACASAAdult Clinic Assessment Software Application
ACATAironet Configuration Administration Tool
ACATSAda Conformity Assessment Test Suite
ACCAspect Component Configuration
ACCUAssociation of C/C++ Users
ACDAutomated Configuration Documentation
ACEActive Content Engine
ACEAdobe Color Engine
ACEAnti Chop Eye
ACEApplication Connection Extension
ACEApplications, Connections, and Extensions
ACEAutomated Chatting Engine
ACESAutodesk Comprehensive Education Solution
ACGThe Access Control Group
ACGIApplication Common Gateway Interface
ACGIAsynchronous Common Gateway Interface
ACGMAdaptive Color Gamut Mapping
ACIAutomatic Calibration Interface
ACIDAbstract Consciousness In Development
ACIDAnalysis Control For Intrusion Detection
ACIDAtomic Consistent Isolated And Durable
ACLAgent Communication Library
ACMAirimba Connection Manager
ACMAlternate Control Module
ACMApplication Compatibility Module
ACMIAdvanced Case Management Interface
ACMPAagon Client Management Platform
ACMSActive Content Management System
ACOArtificial Cover Object
ACPApplication Control Parameter
ACRDAdvanced Concept Restoration Device
ACRMAlternative Csound Reference Manual
ACRPAutomated Contact Resistance Probe
ACSAction Code Script
ACSAdventure Creation System
ACSAlma Common Software
ACSAlways Changing Something
ACSApplication Contents Service
ACSArsDigita Community System
ACSAssert Collaborative Site
ACSAutonomous Cooperative System
ACSEAdoption Centric Software Engineering
ACSEAssociation Control Service Element
ACTApplication Control Table
ACTArtemis Comparison Tool
ACTSAlternative Computer Training Suite
ACUArray Configuration Utility
ACVCAda Compiler Validation Capability
ACVTArchive Converter
ACWGAbstract Complex Workflow Generator