5897 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ACWG American Civil War: Gettysburg (computer game)
AD Adaptive Dither
AD Application Development
AD Applications Development
ADA Programming language named after Lady Ada Augusta Byron
ADADL Ada Design and Documentation Language
ADAM Active Directory Application Mode
ADAM Algorithm Development And Mining
ADAMS Automated Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems
ADAS ARPS Data Analysis System
ADC Automatic Data Completion
ADCT Analysis, Design, Code, Test
ADCU Advanced Data Communications Utility
ADCU Application Developers Customer Unit
ADDG Atlanta Delphi Developers Group
ADDL Artifact Design Description Language
ADDT Advance Data Driven Technique
ADDT Advanced Data-Driven Testing
ADDT Automatic Data Distribution Tool
ADE Amiga Developers Environment
ADE APOC Development Environment
ADEL Animated Dance Event Language
ADEOS Adaptive Domain Environment for Operating Systems
ADF Application Definition File
ADF Application Development Framework
ADFR Active Directory Forest Root
ADFS Active Directory Federation Services
ADFT Adaptable Data Fusion Testbed
ADFT Almost Definitive Financial Toolbox
ADI Advanced Document Imaging
ADI Arm Debugger Interface
ADIOS Automated Download and Installation of Operating Systems
ADIS Accept/Display Interface System
ADIT Autodep Input Tool
ADIW Active Directory Installation Wizard
ADL Adventure Definition Language
ADL Algorithm Definition Language
ADL Algorithm Description Language
ADL Audio Decision List
ADM Accenture Delivery Method
ADM Advanced Desktop Manager
ADM Application Development and Maintenance
ADM Application Development Methodology
ADM Auto Driver Management
ADMT Active Directory Migration Tool
ADN Adobe Developers Network
ADO Access Data Object
ADO ActiveX Data Object
ADO.NET ActiveX Data Object
ADP Auto Delivery Program