5897 abbreviations
ACWGAmerican Civil War: Gettysburg (computer game)
ADAdaptive Dither
ADApplication Development
ADApplications Development
ADAProgramming language named after Lady Ada Augusta Byron
ADADLAda Design and Documentation Language
ADAMActive Directory Application Mode
ADAMAlgorithm Development And Mining
ADAMSAutomated Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems
ADASARPS Data Analysis System
ADCAutomatic Data Completion
ADCTAnalysis, Design, Code, Test
ADCUAdvanced Data Communications Utility
ADCUApplication Developers Customer Unit
ADDGAtlanta Delphi Developers Group
ADDLArtifact Design Description Language
ADDTAdvance Data Driven Technique
ADDTAdvanced Data-Driven Testing
ADDTAutomatic Data Distribution Tool
ADEAmiga Developers Environment
ADEAPOC Development Environment
ADELAnimated Dance Event Language
ADEOSAdaptive Domain Environment for Operating Systems
ADFApplication Definition File
ADFApplication Development Framework
ADFRActive Directory Forest Root
ADFSActive Directory Federation Services
ADFTAdaptable Data Fusion Testbed
ADFTAlmost Definitive Financial Toolbox
ADIAdvanced Document Imaging
ADIArm Debugger Interface
ADIOSAutomated Download and Installation of Operating Systems
ADISAccept/Display Interface System
ADITAutodep Input Tool
ADIWActive Directory Installation Wizard
ADLAdventure Definition Language
ADLAlgorithm Definition Language
ADLAlgorithm Description Language
ADLAudio Decision List
ADMAccenture Delivery Method
ADMAdvanced Desktop Manager
ADMApplication Development and Maintenance
ADMApplication Development Methodology
ADMAuto Driver Management
ADMTActive Directory Migration Tool
ADNAdobe Developers Network
ADOAccess Data Object
ADOActiveX Data Object
ADO.NETActiveX Data Object
ADPAuto Delivery Program