5897 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ADP Avery Design Pro
ADPM Advanced Dynamic Program Management
ADR Advanced Digital Recording
ADR Australian Design Rules
ADRG Arc Digitized Raster Graphics
ADS Analytic Data Set
ADS Application Development System
ADS Applied Digital Solution
ADS ARM Developer Suite
ADS Autocad Development System
ADSA Advanced Database Systems and Applications
ADSM Adstar Distributed Storage Manager
ADSS Application Development and Support Services
ADT Active Directory Tools
ADT Aminet Download Tool
ADT Array Display Tool
ADVOR Advanced Onion Router
AE Advanced Edition
AE Anthony's Editor (editor for Linux)
AE Application Entity
AE ASCII Express
AEAE Ajax Enhanced Asynchroneous Experience
AEBS Accelerated Electronics Billing Solutions
AEC Adaptive Error Compensation
AED Application Environment Daemon
AEG Advanced Entertainment Game
AEGIS Agent Engineering For Generation Of Information Systems
AEIP Agent Environment Interaction Protocol
AEIT Acrobat Enterprise Installation Tool
AEIT Adobe Enterprise Installer Tool
AEL Application Extension Language
AEP Architecture Evolution Plan
AERO Animation Editor for Realistic Object
AERP Automated Export Reporting Program
AES Application Environment Services
AES Asynchronous Event Scheduler
AESS Advanced Employment Services Simulation
AET Advanced Encryption Technology
AET Average Execution Time
AF Active Frame
AF After Effects
AF Authentication Framework
AF Authority File
AF Auto-Finish
AFCP Avesta Flow Control Protocol
AFD Automatic Field Decoding
AFD Automatic File Distributor
AFE Application Front End
AFF Actual Final Fraction
AFFS Amiga Fast File System