5897 abbreviations
ADPAvery Design Pro
ADPMAdvanced Dynamic Program Management
ADRAdvanced Digital Recording
ADRAustralian Design Rules
ADRGArc Digitized Raster Graphics
ADSAnalytic Data Set
ADSApplication Development System
ADSApplied Digital Solution
ADSARM Developer Suite
ADSAutocad Development System
ADSAAdvanced Database Systems and Applications
ADSMAdstar Distributed Storage Manager
ADSSApplication Development and Support Services
ADTActive Directory Tools
ADTAminet Download Tool
ADTArray Display Tool
ADVORAdvanced Onion Router
AEAdvanced Edition
AEAnthony's Editor (editor for Linux)
AEApplication Entity
AEAEAjax Enhanced Asynchroneous Experience
AEBSAccelerated Electronics Billing Solutions
AECAdaptive Error Compensation
AEDApplication Environment Daemon
AEGAdvanced Entertainment Game
AEGISAgent Engineering For Generation Of Information Systems
AEIPAgent Environment Interaction Protocol
AEITAcrobat Enterprise Installation Tool
AEITAdobe Enterprise Installer Tool
AELApplication Extension Language
AEPArchitecture Evolution Plan
AEROAnimation Editor for Realistic Object
AERPAutomated Export Reporting Program
AESApplication Environment Services
AESAsynchronous Event Scheduler
AESSAdvanced Employment Services Simulation
AETAdvanced Encryption Technology
AETAverage Execution Time
AFActive Frame
AFAfter Effects
AFAuthentication Framework
AFAuthority File
AFCPAvesta Flow Control Protocol
AFDAutomatic Field Decoding
AFDAutomatic File Distributor
AFEApplication Front End
AFFActual Final Fraction
AFFSAmiga Fast File System