5897 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AFFS Association For Free Software
AFG Auxiliary File Generator
AFK Application Framework Kit
AFM Application Functionality Module
AFMEA Advanced Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
AFP Active Foxpro Pages
AFP Adobe Flash Player
AFPN Adaptive Fuzzy Petri Net
AFPS Automated Folder Processing System
AFR Application Failure Rating
AFRE Automates à File Réactifs Embarqués
AFS Acer File System
AFS Andrew File System
AFS Archive File System
AFS Atari File System
AFSS AuthenTec Fingerprint Security System
AFT Almost Free Text
AFT Ant Functional Testing
AFY Assistant For You
AG Audio Graphics
AGES Aegis Gnome Environment Suite
AGI Analytical Graphics, Inc.
AGI Applications Graphics Interface
AGM Advanced Graphics Module
AGM Arithmetic Geometric Mathquest
AGM Assistant Game Master
AGP Advanced Graphics Processing
AGRIP Accessible Games Rendering Independence Possible
AGS Adventure Game Studio
AGT Adventure Game Toolkit
AGTA Area Galaxy Turbo Accelerator
AHB Administration Help Bot
AHD Advance Help Desk
AHK AutoHotkey
AI Adobe Illustrator
AIA Artificial Intelligence Assemblage
AID Application Interface Design
AID Autonet Information Director
AIDC Automatic Identification and Data Capture
AIDE Ace Integrated Development Environment
AIDS An Interactive Delicate Stigma
AIE Atheos Image Editor
AIGLX Accelerated Indirect GLX
AILP Abductive Inductive Logic Programming
AILP Adaptive Instruction Level Parallel
AIM Adam Image Maker
AIM Animation Interactive Media
AIM AOL Instant Messenger
AIM Application Intelligent Management
AIM Application Interface Mapping