5897 abbreviations
AIMSAutomotive Invoicing Management Software
AISAlternative Internet System
AISAutomatic Illumination Selection
AISCAleph Implementation Steering Committee
AISCArtificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation
AITAuditory Integration Training
AIVAtheos Image Viewer
AJAXAsynchronous Javascript and XML
AJAXAsynchronous JavaScript and XML
AKAnalog Kernel
AKSAgricultural and Knowledge Systems
AKUAdaptation Kit Upgrade
ALAnimation Language
ALArithmetic Logic
ALACApple Lossless Audio CODEC
ALBAAlternating Linear Bounded Automaton
ALFAnother Logical Framework
ALICEArtificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity
ALISAdaptive Learning Intelligence Suite
ALIVEAccess Log Information Visualizing Engine
ALMApplication Lifecycle Management
ALMAppware Loadable Module
ALOAAdaptive Level One Accelerator
ALPACAA Language for Programming Arbitrary Cellular Automata
ALRADRIFT Language Resource
ALSAction Logic System
ALSAdvanced Labelling System
ALTALTernate key
ALVABAP List Viewer (now called SAP List Viewer)
AMAgile Modeling
AMApplication Manager
AMAutomated Mathematician
AMANDAA Mail And News Distiller Apparatus
AMIAmazon Machine Image
AMIAmerican Megatrends, Inc.
AMIApplication Management Interface
AMIPAdvanced mIRC Integration plug-in
AMLArchitecture Modification Language
AMPAnalog Modification Processing
AMPApache, MySQL, and PHP
AMPArula Management Platform
AMSAdvanced Mathematics Software
AMSAnalog Modelling System
AMSAviad, Micha, and Shami
ANApplications Note
ANAAppointment Negotiating Apparatus
ANAAutomatic Notification Assistant
ANAGApplied Numerical Algorithms Group
ANAMAnother New Article Manager