5897 abbreviations
ANATApple Network Administrator's Toolkit
ANDlogical AND (programming)
ANDFArchitectural Neutral Distribution Format
ANSAAutomatic Net-generation for Structural Analysis
ANTAnother Neat Tool (Apache)
ANTAnts is Not Television
ANTIAndroid Network Toolkit
ANTLRANother Tool for Language Recognition
ANTSAdvanced Net Tool Suite
AOARC Objects
AOBAny Other Bugs
AOCEAspect Oriented Component Engineering
AODAspen Online Deployment
AOMAdobe Online Manager
AOPAgent-Oriented Programming
AOPAspect Oriented Programming
AOPRAdvanced Office Password Recovery
AOSAeon Of Strife
AOSAgo Open Source
AOSPAndroid Open Source Project
AOTApplication Object Template
APApplication Protocol
APARAuthorized Program Analysis Report (IBM)
APARSAssociate Planning And Review System
APCAlternative PHP Cache
APDAssertions and Printf Debugging (Library for C code)
APEAEMS Pipeline Editor
APEAlternative PHP Encoder
APEAnachronox Programming Environment
APEAnimal Project Editor
APEAnimation Production Environment
APEAutomated Performance Enhancement
APFAuto Program Finder
APIAcademic Performance Index
APIAsset Priority Index
APIDApplication Identification
APKAndroid application package file
APLApache Public License
APLApplication Program Loader
APMAutomatic People Manager
APMEApplications Programming Models And Environments
APMLAttention Profile Markup Language
APOAdvanced Planner and Optimizer
APPCAdvanced Program-to-Program Communication
APSAdjustment processing system
APSAgenda Productivity Suite
APTAdaptive Performance Technology