5897 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ANAT Apple Network Administrator's Toolkit
AND logical AND (programming)
ANDF Architectural Neutral Distribution Format
ANSA Automatic Net-generation for Structural Analysis
ANT Another Neat Tool (Apache)
ANT Ants is Not Television
ANTI Android Network Toolkit
ANTLR ANother Tool for Language Recognition
ANTS Advanced Net Tool Suite
AO ARC Objects
AOB Any Other Bugs
AOCE Aspect Oriented Component Engineering
AOD Aspen Online Deployment
AOM Adobe Online Manager
AOP Agent-Oriented Programming
AOP Aspect Oriented Programming
AOPR Advanced Office Password Recovery
AOS Aeon Of Strife
AOS Ago Open Source
AOSP Android Open Source Project
AOT Ahead-Of-Time
AOT Application Object Template
AP Application Protocol
APAR Authorized Program Analysis Report (IBM)
APARS Associate Planning And Review System
APC Alternative PHP Cache
APD Assertions and Printf Debugging (Library for C code)
APE AEMS Pipeline Editor
APE Alternative PHP Encoder
APE Anachronox Programming Environment
APE Animal Project Editor
APE Animation Production Environment
APE Automated Performance Enhancement
APF Auto Program Finder
API Academic Performance Index
API Asset Priority Index
APID Application Identification
APK Android application package file
APL Apache Public License
APL Application Program Loader
APM Automatic People Manager
APME Applications Programming Models And Environments
APML Attention Profile Markup Language
APO Advanced Planner and Optimizer
APP Application
APPC Advanced Program-to-Program Communication
APPS Applications
APS Adjustment processing system
APS Agenda Productivity Suite
APT Adaptive Performance Technology