5897 abbreviations
APTAdvanced Package Tool
APTAdvanced Packaging Tool
APTAlmost Plain Text
APTAnnotation Processing Tool
APTAutomatically Programmed Tool
APTTAnalysis Prediction Template Toolkit
APWAnother Perl Wiki
AQActive Queue
AQRTAddress Quality Reporting Quality Tool
ARADArchitected Rapid Application Development
ARASA Radio Automation System
ArboNETSoftware for Arboviral Surveillance and Case Management
ARCOSAutomated Reports and Consolidated Orders System
ARIAActivmedia Robotics Interface for Applications
ARISAugmented Reality Image Synthesis
ARMAnnotated C++ Reference Manual
ARMApplication Response Measurement
ARMSAmiga Records Management System
ARNOLDAdvanced Results Notification and On-Line Delivery
ARNSAppleTallk Remote Network Server
AROSAmiga Research Operating System
AROWAction Research On the Web
ARPAmiga Resource Project
ARPAAddress Resource Program Access
ARPAAdvanced Rapid Process Agent
ARRTAdvanced Risk Reduction Tool
ARTAdvanced Rendering Technology
ARTAdvanced Reporting Toolkit
ARTRAlmost Ready To Run
ARTYMAdvanced Real-Time Yield Management
ASActive Screensaver
ASAdvanced Solutions
ASAAnimate Singular Agent
ASAPAs Simple As Photoshop
ASAPAutomatic Searching Automatic Programming
ASAPAutomatic Service Activation Program
ASDAuto Save Document
ASDLAbstract Scenery Description Language
ASDLAdvanced Serial Data Logger
ASEAccelerated Solutions Environment
ASEASCII Scene Export
ASETAutomated Software Engineering Technologies
ASFAlert Standard Format
ASFAlternating Sequential Filter
ASFArctan Script File
ASHEA Simple HTML Editor
ASIAAtx Software Integration Architecture
ASIAAutomated Spatial Interval Addressing
ASISAda Semantics Interface Specification
ASISApplication Software Installation Server