5897 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
APT Advanced Package Tool
APT Advanced Packaging Tool
APT Almost Plain Text
APT Annotation Processing Tool
APT Automatically Programmed Tool
APTT Analysis Prediction Template Toolkit
APW Another Perl Wiki
AQ Active Queue
AQRT Address Quality Reporting Quality Tool
ARAD Architected Rapid Application Development
ARAS A Radio Automation System
ArboNET Software for Arboviral Surveillance and Case Management
ARCOS Automated Reports and Consolidated Orders System
ARIA Activmedia Robotics Interface for Applications
ARIS Augmented Reality Image Synthesis
ARM Annotated C++ Reference Manual
ARM Application Response Measurement
ARMS Amiga Records Management System
ARNOLD Advanced Results Notification and On-Line Delivery
ARNS AppleTallk Remote Network Server
AROS Amiga Research Operating System
AROW Action Research On the Web
ARP Amiga Resource Project
ARPA Address Resource Program Access
ARPA Advanced Rapid Process Agent
ARRT Advanced Risk Reduction Tool
ART Advanced Rendering Technology
ART Advanced Reporting Toolkit
ARTR Almost Ready To Run
ARTYM Advanced Real-Time Yield Management
AS Active Screensaver
AS Advanced Solutions
ASA Animate Singular Agent
ASAP As Simple As Photoshop
ASAP Automatic Searching Automatic Programming
ASAP Automatic Service Activation Program
ASD Auto Save Document
ASDL Abstract Scenery Description Language
ASDL Advanced Serial Data Logger
ASE Accelerated Solutions Environment
ASE ASCII Scene Export
ASET Automated Software Engineering Technologies
ASF Alert Standard Format
ASF Alternating Sequential Filter
ASF Arctan Script File
ASHE A Simple HTML Editor
ASIA Atx Software Integration Architecture
ASIA Automated Spatial Interval Addressing
ASIS Ada Semantics Interface Specification
ASIS Application Software Installation Server