9333 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
YOG Youth Olympic Games
YOGA You Oughta Get Aware
YOR YSR Owners Racing Club
YOY Yearling And Older
YOY Young Of The Year
YP Yzerman Pro
YPA Young Players Association
YPE You've Played Enough
YPG Yards Per Game
YPW Yankee Pro Wrestling
YR Young Rider
YRA Yacht Racing Academy (UK)
YRA Yacht Racing Association
YRA-SFB Yacht Racing Association of San Francisco Bay
YRG Year Round Golf
YRG Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals
YRR Yannick Rolland Racing
YRR Youngstown RoadRunners Club
YSC Yare Sailing Club
YSF Youth Sports Foundation
YSI Institute for the Study of Youth Sports
YSL Youth Soccer League
YSP Youth Sports Products
YT Youth Tennis
YTA Youth Tennis Advantage
YTC Yakima Tennis Club
YTC Yakima Training Center
YTC Youngstown Tennis Club
YTP You're The Psycho
YTT Yoga Teacher Training
YTT Youth Team Tournament
YVCA Yarra Valley Cricket Association
YVH Yadkin Valley Hounds
YVL Youth Volleyball League
YVN Yoga Vidya Niketan
YW You Win
YW Youth Walk
YWAA Young World Athletic Association
YWC Youth Wrestling Club
YWD Young Women's Division
YWF Yonkers Wrestling Federation
YWF Youth Wrestling Federation
YXC Youth Cross Country
YXT Yankee X Terminators
YYC Yealm Yacht Club
YYC Youngstown Yacht Club
Z Zapped
Z Zing
ZAP Zany Award Points
ZAT Zonal Academy Tournament