9333 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AASM Asia Association For Sport Management
AATD Australian Agility Team Dog
AAUC Amateur Athletic Union Of Canada
AAWCS All American Wrestling Camp System
AAYA Anishinabe Athletic Youth Association
AB Air Bike
AB At Bats
ABA Alberta Bicycle Association
ABA Amateur Bodybuilding Association
ABA American Bass Anglers
ABA Atwater Basketball Association
ABAC Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee
ABAM Archers And Bowhunters Association Of Manitoba
ABATE Alaska Bikers Advocating Training And Education
ABATE American Bikers For Awareness Training And Education
ABB Aitkin Backyard Boxing
ABB American Bucking Bull
ABBK Askøy Basketball Klubb
ABBL Austin Blood Bowl League
ABC Adventure Balance And Challenge
ABC Agility Balance And Coordination
ABC American Bowling Congress
ABC Another Blowout Coming
ABC Anybody But Carolina
ABC Association of Boxing Commissions
ABCA Albury Border Cricket Association
ABCA American Baseball Coaches Association
ABCDE Anabolic Burst Cycling Of Diet And Exercise
ABD Art of Boomerang Design
ABE Artificial Baseball Engine
ABF American Bodybuilding Federation
ABFZ Amateur Boxing Federation of Zambia
ABG Abstract Board Game
ABJG Anybody But Jeff Gordon
ABK America's Best Karate
ABM Auto Banishment Match
ABN American Baseball Network
ABRR America's British Reliability Run
ABS Active Battle System
ABS Adventure Battle System
ABS Anti Bolt Stick
ABSC Australian Billiards and Snooker Council
ABSD Asoc De Bodyboard De Santo Domingo
ABT Abs, Buns, and Thighs
ABTA American Bowlers Tournament Association
ABVT Australian Beach Volleyball Tour
ABW Aitkin Backyard Wrestling
ABW Amateur Backyard Wrestling
ABWF Alliance of Baffled Wade Fishermen
ABYC American Boat and Yacht Council