9333 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AC Adventure Club
AC After Championship
AC After Crowning
AC After Cubs
AC Associazione Circle
AC Athletic Club
ACA Adventure Cycling Association
ACA American Canoe Association
ACA Austin Cycling Association
ACAI American Canoe Association, Inc.
ACATS American Catfish Angler Tournament Series
ACB Athletic Club Of Bend
ACB Australian Cricket Board
ACBC Asphalt Concrete Base Course
ACBSP American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
ACC Adaptive Cruise Control
ACC Air Canada Centre (Toronto, Ontario)
ACC All Canes Conference
ACC American Cribbage Congress
ACC Asian Cricket Championship
ACC Atlantic Coast Championships
ACCA Association for Christian College Athletics
ACCS American Challenge Cup Series
ACDC America's Cup Derived Contest
ACDC Association Canadienne De Danse Country
ACE Achievement Of Clubbing Excellence
ACE Adventure Camaraderie Entertainment
ACE Agility, Challenge, and Expertise
ACE American Cheer Express
ACE Annual Catch Entitlement
ACE Athlete Career and Education
ACE Athletics Career Education
ACES Agility Conditioning Endurance And Strength
ACES All Children Exercising Simultaneously
ACES Attitude Cooperation Example Sportsmanship
ACES Attitude, Citizenship, Effort, And Sportsmanship
ACFA Alabama Coastal Fisherman's Association
ACFA Amarillo College Fencing Association
ACFC Aston Clinton Football Club
ACFC Atherton Colleries Football Club
ACFC Atlantic Central Football Conference
ACFF Armored Core Formula Front Extreme Battle
ACFH Alvernia College Field Hockey
ACFL Action College Football League
ACFL Atlantic Coast Football League
ACFN American Council for Fitness and Nutrition
ACFO Association of Camps Farthest Out
ACKD Academy of Classical Karate Do
ACMC American Cured Meat Championships
ACMG Association Of Canadian Mountain Guides