9333 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ACNA Association Croquet North America
ACO American Cornhole Organization
ACOS Australian Centre for Olympic Studies
ACPRC Australian Conference of Principal Race Clubs
ACR American Club Racer
ACR American Club Racing
ACR Automotive Club Racer
ACR Average Crappy Racecar
ACRD Assassination City Roller Derby
ACRG Alamo City RollerGirls (roller derby)
ACRP American Curl Rescue Project
ACS Acmlm Championship Series
ACS All Can Swim
ACS Anti-Chop System
ACS Automatic Championship System
ACSM American College of Sports Medicine
ACTJRU Australian Capital Territory Junior Rugby Union
ACTL Auto Cross Team Lievelde
ACW Absolute Carnage Wrestling
ACW Ace Championship Wrestling
ACW Albany Championship Wrestling
ACW Alternative Championship Wrestling
ACW Always Championship Wrestling
ACWB Alvernia College Womens' Basketball
ACYF All-China Youth Federation
AD Academic Decathlon
AD Auto Dueler
ADA Anti Deer Association
ADAA American Dodgeball Association Of America
ADAG Ayrshire Dalmilling Action Group (UK)
ADBA American Drag Boat Association
ADD Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
ADF Average Dumb Fan
ADFR Activate, Depress, Free, Repeat
ADIDAS All Day I Dream About Sports
ADIDAS All Day I Dream About Streaking
ADIQ Alpinisti Diabetici In Quota
ADL Attack Defense League
ADM All Day Mat
ADM American Development Model
ADMS Adirondack District Masters Swimming
ADO Alles Door Oefening
ADP Attacking Dice Pool
ADP Average Draft Position
ADRP Anti Doping Research Panel
ADRP Anti Doping Research Program
ADS Aitken Double Stars
ADS Almost Dry Suit
ADS Automatic Dice Server