9333 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ADSA Alberta Disc Sports Association
ADSA Ashton and District Snowmobile Association (Ontario)
ADTM American Discovery Trail Marathon
AE Also Eligible
AE Anime Experience
AED Awfully Easy Dive
AEG Alpha Expert Gamers
AEK Athlitiki Enosis Konstantinoupolis ( Greek Soccer)
AEL Athlitiki Enosi Lemesou
AENA All England Netball Association
AERC American Endurance Ride Conference
AERO Aerobic Endurance Resistance Overload
AESOP Academic Enrichment and Sports Ottawa Program
AET After Extra Time
AF After Ford
AFA Allentown Footbag Association
AFA American Freestyle Association
AFAA Aerobic and Fitness Association of America
AFAS Alley Football All Stars
AFBJJ Australian Federation of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu
AFC Active Flow Control
AFC Adelaide Football Corporation
AFC All Fierce Competition
AFC Amateur Football Club
AFC Association Football Club
AFC Astros' Fan Club
AFC Atlantic Football Conference
AFCC Abington Fitness and Country Club
AFF Advanced Free Fall
AFFA American Federation of Fighting Arts
AFK A Free Kick
AFL All Fun League
AFL Amateur Football League
AFL April Fool League
AFL The Aquashicola Football League
AFP The Arena Fan Pages
AFRMA American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association
AFS Association of Football Statisticians
AFTA Australian Freestyle Taekwondo Academy
AFU All Fired Up
AFVH American Football Verband Hessen
AFX Alaska Freeride Xtreme
AG Aggravating Grunt
AG Anime Gamers
AGA American Gaming Association
AGA American Go Association
AGA American Gymnastics Association
AGF Aarhus Gymnastik Forening
AGFIS Association Générale des Fédérations Internationales des Sports
AGI Adventure Game Interpreter