9333 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AGL Altimate Gaming League
AGP Association of Gaming Professionals
AGR Adventure Game Resource
AGR Age Group Regionals
AGT Adventure Game Theater
AH Ace of Hearts
AHAI Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois
AHHA American Heritage Horse Association
AHHA American Holsteiner Horse Association
AHL Ahl Hockey League
AHL American Hockey League
AHL Asian Hockey League
AHW The Amature Hardcore Wrestling
AI Athletic Instructor
AIA Athletes In Action
AIB Aberdeen IronBirds
AIDA Association Internationale pour le Développement de l'Apnée (free-diving)
AIFF All India Football Federation
AIHF Australian Ice Hockey Federation
AIK Allmänna Idrotts Klubben
AILTA All India Lawn Tennis Association
AIM Anglers Inshore Members
AIO Aikido Instructors Organization
AIR Across Indiana Run
AIR Aerial Inversion Ride
AIS active isolated stretching
AISC Adelaide Indoor Sports Centre
AISC Atlanta Inland Sailing Club
AISC Auckland Indian Sports Club
AISL Adult Indoor Soccer league
AIT Azzurra Italian Tourney
AITS Alliance of Independent Tae Kwon Do Schools
AJ Australian Junior
AJC Australian Jockey Club
AJR Alex Job Racing
AKA American Karate Association
AKA American Kickboxing Association
AKA Arizona Karting Association
AKA Awesomely Kick Ass
AKC Athletic Karate Consortium
AKF Amateur Karate Foundation
AKF Australian Karate Federation
AKQJ Ace, King, Queen, Jack
AKQJT Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten
AKYSB Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board
AL American League
AL Atlantic League
ALCS American League Championship Series
ALCS MVP American League Championship Series Most Valuable Player
ALDS American League Division Series