9333 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ALF Awesome Little Fighter
ALL Austalian Lacrosse League
ALLB Alvin Little League Baseball
ALMS American Le Mans Series
ALPS Always Lead Partners Suit
ALRA Alberta Lacrosse Referees Association
ALS Anti Line Slap
ALSC Athletic Ladies Social Club
ALTA Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association
ALWC American League Wild Card
AM Atletico Madrid
AMA Amateur Martial Arts
AMB Australian Mountain Bike
AMC Academic Mastery Center
AME Adventure Middle Earth
AMF About Motorcycles Forum
AMFA All Manipur Football Association
AMIS Arrest Me I Skate
AMIT Alaskan Malamute Iditarod Team
AMP Adventure for Multiple Players
AMSA Austin Mens' Soccer Association
AMSAC Australian Motor Sport Appeal Court
AMSL Aurora Minor Soccer League
AMT American Match Target
AMTA Anderson Mill Tennis Association
AMU Anti Manchester United
AMZ Athletic Munduan Zehar
ANSA Australian National Saddlehorse Association
ANSA Australian National Sportfishing Association
AO Amateur Owner
AOA Age Of Apocalypse
AOA Alberta Orienteering Association
AOC Adidas Outdoor Championships
AOD Arena Of Death
AOD Army Of Darkness
AOK Across Otago Kneebuilder
AOL Aggregation Of Losses
AOL All Outa Luck
AP Ability Points
AP Action Points
AP All Pain
AP Annual Pass
AP Assisted Play
APA Acolytes Protection Agency
APA African Paddling Association
APA American Poolplayers Association
APA Average Points Against
APB All Purpose Bicycle
APBA American Professional Baseball Association
APC Active Participation Clause