9333 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
APC Adoptable Player Character
APC Associated Player Character
APC Association Professional Cycliste
APE Athletic Performance Enhancement
APF Average Points For
APHA African Professional Hunters Association
APHA Australian Palomino Horse Association
APHB Alternity Players' HandBook
API Athletes Performance Institute
APIA Association Polisportive Italo Australian
APIS Ace Production In Sports
APM Arm Power Management
APOC Awareness, Participation, Opportunity, and Coaching
APPA American Paintball Players Association
APPL Avalon Paintball Players League
APPM Andy Priaulx Performance Management
APR Arizona Pylon Racing
APR Average Penalty Received
APRA American Professional Rodeo Association
APRA Arizona Pylon Racing Association
APS Air Precision Shooting
APSM Albert Park South Melbourne
APSM Asia Pacific Sports Management
APT Association of Professional Tossers
APTA American Platform Tennis Association
APTW Australian Pro Tour of Wakeboarding
APW Absolute Power Wrestling
APW Adjusted Pitcher Wins
AQ Action Quake
AQ Additional Qualification
AQ Adventure Quotient
AQ Adversity Quotient
AQ Allowable Qualifiers
AQ Automatic Qualification
AQA American Qigong Association
AQC Adventure Quest Cheat
AQHA American Quarter Horse Association
AQJ Ace, Queen, Jack (no King)
AR Area Record
AR Assistant Referee
AR Autistic Referee
ARABS American Registry Of Arab Bred Sporthorses
ARAC Advanced Recreational Avalanche Course
ARAC All Races All Classes
ARC Active Race Control
ARC Adventure Racing Canada
ARC Alloy Racing Composites
ARC American Roundball Corporation
ARC Arcane Roleplayers Consortium
ARC Association of Rover Clubs