144 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
GK Goal Keeper
GNP Ground and Pound
GP Games played
GWG Game Winning Goal
H hits, hits allowed
HBP batter hit by a pitch
HR home run(s), home runs allowed
HW Heavyweight
IIHF International Ice Hockey Federation
IP inning(s) pitched
IPL Indian Premier League
K strikeouts
KO Knockout
KOTN Knockout of the Night
L Lose
LAM Left Attacking Midfielder
LB Left Back
LBW Leg before wicket
LCM Left Central Midfielder
LF Left Forward
LHW Light Heavyweight
LM Left Midfielder
LOB left on base
LW Left Wing
LW Lightweight
M-A Made and attempted. In North America, appended to an abbreviation for a type of scoring. Euroleague box scores use this as a subheading for the score type.
MF Midfielder
MIN Minutes played
MMA Mixed Martial Arts
MOM Man of the Match
MTB Mountain biking
MW Middleweight
NC No Contest
N.O Not out
OBP on-base percentage
OFF Offensive. Used by the NBA as a subheading for rebounding statistics in its official box scores.
OFF Offense
OG Own Goal
OPS on-base plus slugging
OREB Offensive rebounds. Used by ESPN; see "DREB" above for use in other leagues.
P4P Pound for Pound
PC Penalty Corner
PF Personal foul, power forward
PG Point guard
PGA Professional Golfers' Association
POS Position. Used in NBA box scores.
PPV Pay Per View
PS Penalty Stroke
PTS Points scored
R runs scored, runs allowed