144 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
RAM Right Attacking Midfielder
RB Right Back
RBI run(s) batted in
RCM Right Central Midfielder
REB Rebounds. Used by ESPN, but not by most leagues.
RF Right Forward
RHP right handed pitcher
RM Right Midfielder
RNC Rear-Naked Choke
RR Run Rate
RW Right Wing
S sacrifice hit
SB stolen base
SF sacrifice fly
SF Small forward
SG Shooting guard
SH sacrifice hit
SHO shutout
ShO shutout
SLG slugging percentage
SO strikeouts
SO Side Out
SOTN Submission of the Night
SR Strike Rate
St. Stumped
ST Striker
ST, STL Steal. The NBA and Euroleague use "ST", while ESPN uses "STL".
Sub. Substitute
Sub Submission
TKD Tae Kwon Do
TKO Technical Knockout
TO Turnover
TOT Total; used by the NBA as a subheading for rebounding statistics in its official box scores.
TUF The Ultimate Fighter
UD Unanimous Decision
ULEB Union des ligues européennes de basket-ball (French, "Union of European Leagues of Basketball").
USTA United States Tennis Association
Utd United
W Win
WHIP walks plus hits per inning pitched
Wkt Wicket
WPBSA World Professional Snooker and Billiards Association
WTA Women's Tennis Association
WW Welterweight