11301 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AAIS American Academy of Independent Studies
AAIS American Association of Italian Studies
AALC Arizona Andrology Laboratory Cryobank
AALL African and Asian Languages and Literatures
AAMB All American Marching Band
AAMC Association Of American Medical Colleges
AAMSU All Assam Minority Students Union
AAMT Academic Affairs Management Team
AANMC Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges
AAO Aktions Analytische Organisation
AAOC Academic Advising And Outreach Center
AAOC Analysis and Application Oriented Courses
AAOM Alternativna Akademska Obrazovna Mreza
AAOU Asian Association Of Open Universities
AAP Academic Achievement Plan
AAP Alumni Admissions Program
AAPB Academic Accommodations Policy Board
AAPC Academic Advancement and Promotions Committee
AAPC Academic Affairs Planning Committee
AAPC Admissions and Academic Policies Committee
AAPL Aero Acoustic Propulsion Laboratory
AAPR Annual Academic Progress Rate
AAPU Alumni Association Of Princeton University
AAR Affirmative Action Review
AARC Advanced Algorithm Research Center
AARC AeroAacoustics Research Consortium
AARC Arizona Alzheimer's Research Center
AARC Asian American Resource Center
AARC Autism Asperger Resource Center
AARI Aegean Agricultural Research Institute
AARI Alberta Agricultural Research Institute
AARL Abilene AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Robotics Laboratory
AARL Anglo American Research Laboratory
AARL Aquatic Animal Research Laboratory
AARP Alternative Admission Research Project
AASA Asian American Student Association
AASA Atheist And Agnostic Students Association
AASCB American Association of Schools and Colleges of Business
AASD African American Studies Department
AASF Abhigyan Abhikaushalam Student's Forum
AASG Agnostic and Atheist Student Group
AASG Alaska Association of Student Governments
AASGON Africa Asia Scholars Global Network
AASH Associated Alumnae of the Sacred Heart
AASI Asian American Studies Institute
AASIU Agricultural and Aquatic Systems Information Unit
AASL Aerospace And Autonomous Systems Laboratory
AASP Adopt A Student Program
AASP American Academy of School Psychology
AASP Asian American Studies Program