11301 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AASP Association of African Studies Programs
AASRP African American Studies and Research Program
AASRP African American Studies Research Program
AASRP African American Studies Research Project
AAST Arab Academy for Science and Technology
AASTMT Arab Academy for Science and Technology & Maritime Transport
AATD Applied Aviation Technology Directorate
AATP Asian American Theater Project (Stanford)
AATS Accommodation Allowance for Tertiary Students
AATS Association Of Athletic Training Students
AAU Aalborg University
AAU Addis Ababa University
AAU Allied American University
AAU Association of American Universites
AAU Association Of American Universities
AAUC Alumni Associations of the University of California
AAUC American Association Of Universities And Colleges
AAUC-F Alumni Associations of the University of California - Fresno
AAUW American Association Of University Women
AAVC Alumnae And Alumni Of Vassar College
AAVMC Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
AAVP Academic Affairs Vice President
AAVP Associate Academic Vice President
AAWC Al Ain Women's College
AAWS Association Of African Women Scholars
AAWU Athletic Association of Western Universities
AB Accreditation Body
AB Activities Building
AB Advanced Business
AB Alpha Beta
ABA American British Academy
ABA Applied Behavior Analysis
ABA Applied Behavioral Analysis
ABAC Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
ABACUS Association of British And Chinese University Students
ABAN Association of British Alumni in Nepal
ABATE American Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education
ABBS Arizona Biological and Biomedical Sciences
ABC About Basic Composition
ABC Academics Baseball Citizenship
ABC Academics Business And Community
ABC Alumni Of Bluffton College
ABC Anchorage Basic Curriculum
ABCC Administrative and Bioinformatics Coordinating Center
ABCC Advanced Biomedical Computing Center
ABCR A Better Choice For Research
ABCU A Better Class University
ABD All But Dissertation
ABEP Aboriginal Business Education Program
ABEP Applied Business Economics Program