11301 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ACFG Aventis Center for Functional Genomics
ACFI ACcounting and FInance courses
ACFP Angel College Foundation Programme
ACFR Australian Centre for Field Robotics, University of Sydney
ACFS Advisory Council of Faculty Senates
ACFS American Collegiate Financial Services
ACFS Assumption College For Sisters
ACG American College of Greece
ACG Association of Chinese Graduates
ACGM A Course Guide Manual
ACGM Academic Course Guide Manual
ACGME Accreditation Council For Graduate Medical Education
ACHA American College Health Association
ACHS American College of Healthcare Sciences
ACHS Association of College Honor Societies
ACHS Australasian College of Health Sciences
ACI Applied Computational Intelligence
ACI Automation and Control Institute
ACIAR Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research
ACIB Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology
ACIC Academic Career Information Center
ACICS Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools
ACIP Academic Council for International Programs
ACIRRT Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Training
ACIS Academic Contributor Information System
ACIS Alliance for Creative Inevitable Solutions
ACIS American Council for International Studies
ACLP American Culture And Language Program
ACMC Association of Canadian Medical Colleges
ACME Academic Credit for Military Experience
ACME Academy of Criminology, Mathematics, and Education
ACME Advisory Committee for Mathematics Education
ACME American Company Makes Everything
ACMG American College of Medical Genetics
ACMI Arts and Creative Materials Institute
ACMI Australian Centre for the Moving Image
ACMRR Australian Centre for Minesite Rehabilitation Research
ACMRS Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
ACMS American Center for Mongolian Studies
ACMT American College of Medical Toxicology
ACNM Australian College of Natural Medicine
ACNS Academic Computing Networking Services
ACNT Australasian College of Natural Therapies
ACO Australian Calculator Operation
ACOP Alumni of Color Outreach Program
ACOSA Aquinas Council of Student Activities
ACP Additional Computational Practice
ACP Alberta College of Pharmacists
ACP Applied Communication Program
ACPA American College Personnel Association