11301 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ACPC Academic Computing Policy Committee
ACPC Alberta Collegiate Programming Contest
ACPC Association Canadienne des Professeurs de Comptabilit
ACPC Austrian Center for Parallel Computation
ACPN American College of Professional Neuropsychology
ACPRC Age and Cognitive Performance Research Centre
ACQ Academic Call To Quarters
ACRC Alaskan Climate Research Center
ACRC Asthma Clinical Research Center
ACRE Arch Centre For Renewable Energy
ACRE Audio Composition Research Environment
ACRH Academic Complex Recital Hall
ACRH American College of RHeumatology
ACRI Advanced Computer Research Institute
ACRI Advanced Computing Research Institute
ACRI Australian Cotton Research Institute
ACRK ACademic RanK
ACRL Advanced Computational Research Library
ACRN All Campus Radio Network
ACRO American College of Radiation Oncology
ACRU Association of Carpathian Region Universities
ACS Academic Computing Service
ACS Advanced Competitive Science
ACS All Cannot Study
ACS American Campus Subscriptions
ACS American College of Sofia
ACSA American Computer Scientists Association
ACSA Association for College Student Affairs
ACSE Advanced Computing for Science Education
ACSES Alberta Centre for Surface Engineering and Science
ACSL American Computer Science League
ACSR Australian Centre for Security Research
ACSU Academic Computing Services Unix
ACSU American Cancer Society University
ACSU Association Of Computer Science Undergraduates
ACSW Alberta College of Social Workers
ACT Academic, Creative, and Technical
ACT Alumni Consulting Team
ACT American College Test
ACT Associates of Campus Theatre
ACTA American Council Of Trustees And Alumni
ACTI Advanced Computational Technology Initiative
ACTL American College of Trial Lawyers
ACTS African Centre for Technology Studies
ACTS Asian Christian Theological Studies
ACTS Association of Chicago Theological Schools
ACTT Academic Contributors for Today and Tomorrow
ACTT Advanced Center for Technology Training
ACU Abilene Christian University
ACU Association of Commonwealth Universities